Frankie Stein Costumes

Bring your style to life in any of our Frankie Stein costumes. She is a ghoul at Monster High who enjoys technology and science experiments. Frankie always enjoys experiencing new things which is all part of that scientific way of thinking. But being smart isn’t all she’s good at, dressing up in a fashionable wardrobe comes naturally to her. Now, you can also look as chic as she does thanks to these great Frankie Stein costumes for girls at low prices.

Frankie Stein Costume Ideas and Tips

Is your daughter a fan of the spooky television show, Monster High?  Does she absolutely love the style of the spunky rag doll Frankie Stein? If so, then you are in luck because we have the perfect collection of Frankie Stein style costumes and accessories that will have you or your child lining up for their yearbook photo. 

Bring your Halloween Party back to life with one of these stylish new costumes! Frankie has been seen wearing so many different style and outfits throughout her time in Monster High, and lucky for you and your child, we carry just about all of them! But what would a girl be without some makeup to help cover up those teenage breakouts? Not to fear, because we have some of the best Monster High makeup kits that would even make Frankie herself jealous. Whether hitting the party seen or dressing up for a night with friends, these Monster High costumes will make school feel like a walk in the cemetery.

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