Gandalf Costumes

You shall not pass on getting one of our Gandalf costumes. He is one of the main characters from the Lord of the Ring series. Our products are made for you to look just like him as he treks throughout Middle-earth. Everything we offer is set at a low price for all fans to enjoy.

Gandalf Costume Ideas and Tips

For ages we have seen The Lord of the Rings movies take off into spin off TV shows and even some newer video games, but there is one character that will always stand outing this series and that is the magnificent wizard, Gandalf. Whether you prefer to be called Gandalf the Grey or Gandalf the White, you can bet that we have only the best costumes of you. 

Featuring styles from every movie, from the original Lord of the Rings to the newer Hobbit movies, we have only the best collection of costumes, wigs and accessories. Don’t look anywhere else for your next Gandalf themed costume, because we can guarantee that this selection will blow you away. Whether you are getting ready for your next big adventure, or just want the best looking Lord of the Rings costume to wear to your next costume party or event, look no further than this magical Gandalf themed costume collection.

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