Gaston Costumes

Become Beauty and the Beast’s Gaston this Halloween! We have an amazing selection of Gaston costumes for men and boys, and at great prices. With our easy-to-navigate online ordering and quick shipping, you’ll have your Gaston costume before you can storm The Beast’s castle! Get your Gaston Halloween costume today!

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Gaston Costumes Tips and Ideas

Whether you’re a fan of the original animated version of Beauty and the Beast, or if you loved the live-action remake with Emma Watson, you’ll love our Gaston costumes! You’ll be the buffest guy in the village when you’re wearing one of these red and black tunics, since these costumes are straight from the classic Disney fairy tale! Everyone will think you eat three dozen eggs every day when they see you in one of our premium Gaston costumes. 

You can find costumes that are inspired by Disney’s original Beauty and the Beast movie, or the more recent version, when you look through the many styles of Gaston costume we have available. You can also get your friends together in a group costume and go out as the entire cast of Beauty and the Beast! Also, don’t forget to check out our many Beauty and the Beast accessories to make your costume complete.

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