Gatsby Costumes

Take your look from good to great in any of our Gatsby costumes. The Great Gatsby is a novel that took place during the Roaring Twenties with all the glitz and glamour! Our costumes are modeled after that era and the characters found within. Find a way to bring back those good ol’ days with any of our products. Everything is perfectly suited to match!

Gatsby Costume Ideas and Tips

You’ll be ready to throw a party in the roaring ‘20s when you’re dressed up in one of our premium Gatsby costumes! You can find all kinds of flapper costumes in this wide selection, or you can dress up as Jay Gatsby himself and chase that green light on Halloween night. 

Whether you’re inspired by the recent Great Gatsby movie or by your lifelong love of the 1920s, you can find any Prohibition-era look in our huge stock of Gatsby costumes. You can get your friends together in a group costume to make your Halloween party look like a snapshot of the past! And don’t forget to check out our accessories, since no flapper is worth her salt without a long, elegant cigarette holder, and every 1920s gentleman needs a watch on a chain and a quality fedora to show the dames he’s ready to party. Get ready for Gatsby’s next party by assembling your outfit right here!

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