Geisha Costumes

Travel back in time with the historic but stylish look of the Japanese Geisha Costume from Costume SuperCenter. The ancient role of the Geisha was to entertain guests with a myriad of skills and talents to dazzle and amaze. With out amazing collection of this timeless look, we can supply the grace, all you need to do is bring the talent! Buy A women's geisha costume for Halloween today!

Geisha Costume Ideas and Tips

You’ll be ready to impress the Shogun this Halloween when you check out our wide selection of geisha costumes! Each and every one of our geisha costumes is guaranteed to get everyone’s hearts pumping, so you can rest assured you’ll be remembered as one of the sexiest and most exotic people at the Halloween party this year. If you’re a fan of Memoirs of a Geisha, or of ancient Japan in general, you’ll love getting to step into the slippers of one of the most formidable courtesans in the world. 

Geisha are trained for years to become this alluring to men, but you can borrow that allure just by slipping on one of these quality kimonos. You can even get a few friends in on the action to get a full geisha entourage together for a group costume. Whatever your choices, you’re certain to look elegant and seductive when you’re wearing one of our geisha costumes!

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