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Looking for a multicultural outfit that is also fun to wear? Check out our supply of genie costumes. Genies are big in popular culture, from old television shows like I Dream of Jeannie, to films like Aladdin, making them easily recognizable and a guaranteed hit at your next Halloween party. With bright, vibrant colors and sexy, exposed midriffs, a female genie get-up is a great flirtatious option. For men, the flowing capes and big, elaborate styles provide for looks that will definitely make you the center of attention at your next party. Go out as Aladdin and Princess Jasmine this Halloween, for a couples costume that's guaranteed to impress. Buy a genie costume online today!

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The origin of the idea behind genies is fascinating. Jinn, as they are called in Islamic philosophy, are spiritual beings who exist on an invisible plane in a dimension beyond the visible human universe. Jinn are magical beings who are similar to angels, but are often punished by their God for going against his wishes. Many live in magical lamps waiting to be rubbed and grant the holder 3 wishes. These Arabian spirits are usually invisible to humans, but are able to appear to them and work for them. Whether you're going for the Robin Williams Genie from Aladdin or the classic Arabian Djinn outfit, you can find it on sale at Costume SuperCenter.

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The difference between the Eastern and Western views on Jinn are evident in many American forms of pop culture, like the big blue character that appears in Aladdin, and the wife of I Dream of Jeannie. These are rather irreverent depictions of the enchanted beings, who are celebrated in Eastern cultures. These silky outfits are popular every Halloween. Buy a sexy genie costume for women on Halloween today!

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