Ghost Costumes

Wouldn't it be fun to walk into a party and give guests a big scare with one of these unique ghost Halloween costumes?! Maybe it is only spring or summer and you need a one of a kind outfit for a dress-up event. Either way, our collection for the adult crowd are sure to frighten even the stoniest of individuals - including white rags and spooky veils and hats. If these are for the younger crowd, we have both scary and "not so frightening" outfits for them, as well. Buy a ghost costume today!

Disney's Haunted Mansion: Fact or Fiction [Infographic]

Among the long list of notable spirits, 999 of the most famous live in each of the Disney parks, and they always have room for one more. With this Haunted Mansion Infographic from Costume SuperCenter, you'll be able to learn just which legends about the Ghost Host, the Traveling Hitchhikers and Madame Leoda are fact and which are fiction.

Horror Movie Statistics [Infographic]

Ghosts and ghouls and undead things are staples of horror movies. We've all seen the movies about poltergeists and hauntings. But how much do you know about the horror movie industry? Costume SuperCenter's Horror Movie Statistics infographic details some of the little-known stats about horror movies across history. From Jaws to Freddy to Hannibal, there's a fact about someone or something spooky you're sure to love!

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