Girls 50's Costumes

Elvis, greasers, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, convertibles, what do they have in common? Simple answer, The 1950s- a time of celebration and the emergence of rock n roll music. Now your little girl can get into this amazing decade and have a blast "rockin' around the clock" by adorning one of the fabulous girl's 50s costumes!

Shop Our Great Selection Of Girls Poodle Skirts And Girls 50's Costumes

Blue jeans and white t-shirts were worn by the fellas, and one cannot imagine looking in a girl's closet without spotting the staple poodle skirt. We offer a marvelous assortment that won't cost you a lot of bread! Paired with saddle shoes and bobby socks (each sold separately), and no sweat, you have the attire of almost every high school girl during this era. Your little one will look like she's all ready for the sock hop!

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