Girls 60's Costumes

Halloween is a fun time to dress your children up in period style clothes in order to teach them about history. A hands-on look at the time period you grew up in will give your daughter an eye opening experience of your growing up years. If you love the styles of the 60's you might want to have your daughter dress up in that time period. There are several Halloween costume options for young ladies who want to dress up in girl's 60's costumes.

Girls 60s Costume Ideas and Tips

If you’ve got a little hippie at home looking for a Halloween costume, she might like to check out our girls 60s costumes! She’ll look like she’s on her way to Woodstock when she puts on one of our groovy 1960s fashions. These 1960s outfits will make her feel like she’s stepped right into her favorite decade, so she can swing to her classic music and fight the power like she’s really part of the action! 

To make this costume even more fun, watch some classic movies with her and teach her all about the social unrest and political breakthroughs that made the 1960s such a watershed moment in history. You can also introduce her to all your favorite Buffalo Springfield and Jimi Hendrix songs! You can even get her little friends in on this fun period costume, since she’ll certainly want to groove along to Janis Joplin with her buddies! Shop our girls 1960s costumes to send your daughter back in time this Halloween!

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