Girls 70's Costumes

The 70s were a time for disco balls, platform shoes and soul music. The hippie and anti-war culture was fading out, but that didn't stop the fashion world from using the hippie trend as inspiration. You might not be able to bring back the seventies, but you can sure make it feel that way with these 1970s inspired girls costumes.

Girls 70s Costume Ideas and Tips

If you’ve got a little disco chick at home, you might want to check out our girls 1970s costumes to find her the perfect club outfit! Our 1970s costumes will make your daughter feel like she just stepped into her favorite decade, so she’ll be ready to bust a move on the dancefloor like she’s in Saturday Night Fever! Give her one of these period accurate 1970s costumes and she’ll be bumping and grooving like she was born then! 

You can make this costume even more fun for her by introducing her to your favorite movies and music from the tumultuous decade of the 70s. Share your love of the disco era with your daughter to make this Halloween really special! You can also get her little friends in on the action by getting a group costume together and sending a whole club full of disco kids out on Halloween. Shop our girls 1970s costumes now!

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