Girls Food & Drink Costumes

Your little girl is already cute enough to eat, so wearing a girl's food costume for Halloween is the perfect choice. Dress her up as her favorite fruit or vegetable, or as yours, and help her learn to associate healthy food with having tons of fun. With these Halloween costumes, she can be a bunch of grapes, a pea in a pod, an appealing banana, or one of many other colorful fruits and veggies. If you have several children in fruit and vegetable costumes trick-or-treating together, they can pretend to be the whole produce section of the supermarket!

Girls Food & Drink Costume Ideas and Tips

If your daughter’s looking for a cute and classic Halloween costume, what’s more adorable than a food costume? She could go for a fruit or a vegetable, or get a little unhealthy with a sweet treat! Food costumes are always cute, so you’re sure to get comments from the other parents in your daughter’s class about your choice of costume!

 Let her choose her favorite food from among our selection and watch her make some Halloween memories representing her love for it on her trick-or-treating route! When she comes home and gets cracking on her Halloween candy, she’ll know that the next day she’ll be right back to the favorite food that she dressed up as to get that candy. You can make this Halloween even more fun by getting into cooking with your daughter, and showing her how to make some of the foods that we have available in our food costumes section. Bon appetit this Halloween!

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