Girls Patriotic Costumes

Bring the past alive! Bright colors and authentic details accentuate our charming ready to wear girls colonial costumes. Ready to showcase your national pride? You can celebrate the red, white and blue of the grand American flag or bring to life that elegant first seamstress, Betsy Ross. Embrace the enchanting style of Lady Liberty with another one of our patriotic costumes, and stop everyone in their tracks. Show what you stand for with a style all your own.

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What fun it would be to dress up for a Memorial Day Parade or a 4th of July celebration dressed as The Statue of Liberty or a girl's version of Uncle Sam. There are also iconic characters from American history like Rosie the Riveter that really show your flare for Americana. Women played a very important role in the events that led us where we are today so encourage your daughter to dress like them a memorable female American icon like Betsy Ross, Molly Pitcher and more.

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