Girls Zombie Costumes

Zombies are a huge part of pop culture and many people would say that there is nothing more chilling then the Walking Dead. From the "shamblers" in the 1968 film "Night of the Living Dead" to the fast running "ragers" in the more recent film "28 Days Later", zombies have been moaning their way into our nightmares for years.

Girls Zombie Costume Ideas and Tips

If your daughter loves the Walking Dead, she might want to spend this year's Halloween hunting for brains in one of our horror zombie costumes! She’ll be transformed into an undead horror when she puts on one of our classic zombie outfits. These horror zombie costumes offer a wide range of styles, so she can choose whether she wants to be a Romero zombie, a Walking Dead zombie, or anything in between. 

To get her psyched up for the holiday, watch some of your favorite zombie movies with her, and you can show her the rich history of the costume she’s chosen! You can even get her school friends in on the fun and send a whole horde of ravenous zombies out looking for brains—and candy—this Halloween! Meanwhile, don’t forget to stock up on fake blood and other gory accessories—no zombie costume is complete without a full complement of body parts!

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