Girls Zombie Costumes

Zombies are a huge part of pop culture and many people would say that there is nothing more chilling then the Walking Dead. From the "shamblers" in the 1968 film "Night of the Living Dead" to the fast running "ragers" in the more recent film "28 Days Later", zombies have been moaning their way into our nightmares for years.

Shop Girls Zombie Costumes For Halloween

Be a hit on Halloween with the ghoul's...we mean girl's zombie costume. Your friends will shriek in fear as you stagger your way toward them with outstretched arms. Claw your way into your Halloween party moaning "Braaaaains" and watch as everyone heads for the door. The undead are good campy fun and are always a popular choice for Halloween. A little white make up and some fake blood for effect and you will have a complete zombie look that is sure to unnerve even the most resolute individual. The funny thing is that these outfits, as gruesome as they can be, are still girly.

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