Gladiator Costumes

Rule the ring with our huge inventory of Gladiator costumes! Featuring full outfits and accessories, you can be ready to emerge victorious from the Coliseum any day of the week! With Costume SuperCenter you won’t have to fight any lions looking for the right gladiator outfit to fit your needs. So rub some dirt into your hands and get ready to enter the battle this Halloween season! Buy your kids or adult gladiator costume online today!

Gladiator Costume Ideas and Tips

If you’re inspired by Russell Crowe, you can live your Roman fantasies in one of our gladiator costumes! You’ll be ready to jump into the ring with another fighter when you put on one of our many sets of armor. You’ll even feel up to taking on a lion when you check out our wide selection of greaves, sandals, and helmets! You’ll need all the proper accessories for your gladiator costume, since these fierce fighters live and die by their combat gear. 

Stop by our accessories section when you’ve picked out your armor to make your gladiator the most memorable in the Colosseum. The emperor will surely praise you when he sees you walk into a Halloween party clad in the finest gladiator costume on our website. You can even get a few friends in on the action as your brothers in arms, and get together a group costume people will sing songs about for generations!

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