Gomez Addams Costumes

He’s creepy and his spooky. He’s Gomez Addams, patriarch of the Addams Family. If you want to look like this spooky dad, then you need to speak a little French and wear one of our Gomez Addams Halloween costumes. We have a great selection that includes striped suits and a mustache kit, all priced at out unbelievable low prices. Order your Gomez costume today and with our fast shipping, you will get it in no time!

Order Your Gomez Addams Costume For Halloween

The swarthy character was created in a comic by Charles Addams and became very popular when the 1960s TV show was on the air. The TV family were just like the typical family comedies of the day, except everything was a little off. Gomez (John Astin), his loving wife, , two children, Wednesday Addams and Pugsly, Uncle Fester and Grandmama live in a spooky mansion with Lurch, their butler, Thing, an animated disembodied hand, and a relative named Cousin It who was fully covered in long hair. The movie starred Raúl Juliá in the iconic father role.

Order A Gomez Addams Costume Today

A Gomez Halloween outfit makes a great choice when you want to have both humor and spookiness for Halloween. Pair it with a Morticia Addams dress for a classic couples costume. Whether you favorite Gomez is John Astin or Raúl Juliá, we’ve got a great quality costume for you. So buy a Gomez Addams costume today.

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