300 Movie Costumes

Flex your muscles in style with these 300: Rise of an Empire Costumes. Men, women, and children can relive their favorite movie scenes with the togas and robes in this selection. The Spartan warrior outfits worn in the original 300 movie and its sequel, don't offer much in the way of actual clothing, but the Halloween designs based on them get creative to offer more coverage. Red robes, muscle torso jumpsuits, and armor pieces help complete your Greek soldier look. To really get into character, add Spartan accessories like spears, swords, sandals, and helmets. Shields and metallic makeup can also make a big impact on the detail of your ensemble. You can even get a more rugged look with a fake beard and wig set.

300 Movie Costume Ideas and Tips

Charge into Halloween with your sworn brothers this year, as a character from the movie 300! Whether you're looking for a sexy Artemisia costume, or want to be one of the brave Spartans who held the breach against the Persians, you can live your swords-and-sandals fantasies with one of these 300 costumes. The story of 300 captured the hearts of millions with the bravery of the 300 Spartans who stood their ground against unbeatable odds. 

You can show your own bravery in a gorgeous 300-inspired outfit that will let you walk in the shoes of one of the characters. You’ll look like you stepped right out of the movie when you put on one of these sexy and fierce 300 costumes! You can also get your friends together in a group costume and step out on Halloween as the whole cast of the movie 300! Shop our 300 movie costumes today!

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