Circus Halloween costumes are here, and the time for the big top is back again! From the olden days when the circus was the most entertaining and anticipated event of the season, to modern circuses, almost everyone has a love deep in their polka dot heart for clowns, gypsies, and the big top. P.T. Barnum knew exactly how to entertain a crowd with clowns, lions and tigers and bears, and every type of oddity known to man. Dancing bears, courageous lion tamers, acrobats galore and high wire acts entertaining anxious and awe struck crowds. Clowns created animal balloons and drew smiles with the hijinks and shenanigans, while the ring mistress called out the events and wowed the throngs of onlookers with her wit and command of the events.

Circus Clown Costumes

Get under the big round top this year with Costume SuperCenter's circus costumes! From clowns to carnival looks there's something for everyone here! Get into a clown costume as soon as you can so you can join in on the fun. Or, if you're more of a leader than a performer, get into a ringmaster costume and run the show yourself! It's time for the show!

Buy a Circus Costume Online in Men's and Women's Sizes from Costume SuperCenter

What better way is there to show your love for adventure and that old entertainment spirit than to deck yourself out in a big top attire? From the bumbling and stumbling clowns with their over-sized shoes and exaggerated makeup to polka dotted jugglers and fire eating gypsies, there is a circus costume for the young at heart and body. Men's outfits can be pin striped or polka dotted and they can be knife throwers and jugglers, they can wear makeup like a clown or not. Children have the best variety of costumes, as they can be a mini clown or gypsy, or even a tiny lion tamer. Women are not lacking options though, women play a huge role in every three-ring extravaganza. You can be as creative as you want under the big top and within the three-ring service. You do not have to be P.T. Barnum or Mortimer to entertain with all of the wonderful options available to you with these fantastic Halloween costumes.

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