Circus Halloween costumes are here, and the time for the big top is back again! From the olden days when the circus was the most entertaining and anticipated event of the season, to modern circuses, almost everyone has a love deep in their polka dot heart for clowns, gypsies, and the big top. P.T. Barnum knew exactly how to entertain a crowd with clowns, lions and tigers and bears, and every type of oddity known to man. Dancing bears, courageous lion tamers, acrobats galore and high wire acts entertaining anxious and awe struck crowds. Clowns created animal balloons and drew smiles with the hijinks and shenanigans, while the ring mistress called out the events and wowed the throngs of onlookers with her wit and command of the events.

Circus Costume Ideas and Tips

For better or worse, life is a circus. Some days, you’re the ringmaster; others, you’re walking a tightrope. Come one, come all to our selection of circus costumes, the biggest under the big top. P.T. Barnum knew how to entertain an audience, and we know how to outfit you in circus costumes that you’ll be able to wear for Halloween and beyond. For the G-rated circus goers, we have rainbow wigs, red noses, horns and multicolored jumpsuits, complete with stripes and polka dots. For the more sinister clowns in your circus (we’re looking at you, American Horror Story fans), step right up and select a black and white Bleeding Killer Clown Costume or an inflatable evil clown costume. 

You’re sure to strike fear into the hearts of all the kids you encounter! No clown costume would be complete without makeup. For an authentic look, use white face paint to cover your entire face. Line your eyes with black eyeliner and use the black eyeliner to trace a large mouth. Fill it in with red face paint, add a couple colorful circles on your cheeks, and you’ll be ready to charm - or terrify - everyone you encounter.

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