DC Comics Costumes

Most kids want to dress up like their favorite DC Comics superheroes for Halloween and wearing some boring face mask with a mismatched cape is not going to do the trick so it's only right that you get your child one of these awesome DC Comics Costumes. Buy your kid a DC Comics superhero costume for Halloween.

DC Comics Costumes

Most kids want to dress up like their favorite DC Comics superheroes for Halloween and wearing some boring face mask with a mismatched cape is not going to do the trick so it's only right that you get your child one of these awesome DC Comics Costumes. Buy your kid a DC Comics superhero costume for Halloween.

DCEU Character Quotes

Character Quotes from the DCEU [Infographic]

Whether you're team Batman or team Superman, it's only important that you're team DC!. There's something so special about the dark and gritty storylines that make up the DC Extended Universe. Even though we might be overly passionate about who portrayed Batman, Superman or the Joker best, the recent releases have a special place in our hearts because of the universe they're creating.

The DC Extended Universe borrows ideas from the original DC Universe by crossing over common plot points, settings, casts and characters with the recent Warner Bros movies. It started with 2013’s Man of Steel,  having grown to include seven films. 

To prepare you for all the awesome DCEU movies to come, we thought we’d put together a list of our favorite quotes.

Meet the Justice League [Infographic]

In center of the DC Comics Universe, you can find a super team with more recognizable names than any other. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman lead the Justice League against Arkham Asylum's most despicable inmates - like The Joker - and Metropolis' worst foes. Throw on a cape, cowl or bracelets of submission and brush up on your DC Comics trivia with this Meet the Justice League infographic!

Justice League Costumes

Whether you're a fan of the Batman or fighting for truth, justice and the American way like the Man of Steel, Justice League Costumes from Costume SuperCenter are the way to go. With a fun Wonder Woman or Green Lantern style, you'll be well on your way to defending the planet this Halloween.

Batgirl Costumes

Batman doesn't always ask for backup, but when he does, you better not send a man to do a woman's job. Barbara Gordon, or Batgirl, is one of the Dark Knight's most trusted accomplices, and now you can swoop into action so swiftly that even the Caped Crusader would be impressed.

Five Facts: The Batman

The DC Comics Universe is comprised of several heroes and villains, but in the minds of many, it will always come back around to the Super Trinity; Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. With this great infographic, you'll learn five things about the Dark Knight, who many consider to be the poster boy for all things Detective Comics. Find out how many people have played the Caped Crusader, how much Bruce Wayne is actually worth, and more!

Batman Costumes

Perhaps the most recognizable DC Comics hero wears a cape and cowl, and goes into the night. Bruce Wayne and his alter ego have been portrayed in a variety of ways, and at Costume SuperCenter, you can find a costume for most of them. From LEGO Batman to 2017's Justice League, there's a Batman for everyone.

Gotham Rogues Gallery Costumes

You'll be laughing all the way to Arkham Asylum in a costume representing one of Gotham's most wanted. Whether you want to look like The Joker or Catwoman, there's an inner-evil waiting for you to let it out, and a certain Bat on the other side of town who might want to stop it.

Meet the Suicide Squad [Infographic]

Did you think that Batman was the only one who ever tried to stop The Joker? Wrong. In 2016, moviegoers were introduced to the Suicide Squad; a group of supervillains and convicts who team up to stop a greater evil. Grab your Deadshot costume or Harley Quinn "Daddy's Little Monster" shirt and read up on this group of the worst heroes ever with Costume SuperCenter's Meet the Suicide Squad Infographic.

Catwoman Costumes

Selenia Kyle is an acrobatic, flexible, cunning, and quick cat burglar. She's also one of the world's most famous cats... Catwoman! Dress up in the likeness of Selina this year and make Halloween puuurrrrr-fect!

Harley Quinn Costumes

There's a new Queen of Crime in Gotham, and her name is Harley Quinn! Dress up like the spirit of te Suicide Squad with a new Harley Quinn costume this Halloween. Dressing like Harley will make any party a little...crazy!

Supergirl Costumes

Supergirl is here to save the day! Who says women can't kick some butt? Grab your Supergirl costume today and prove to everyone that everything Superman does you can do better!

Poison Ivy Costumes

Pamela Isley may be an eco-terrorist, but she's just a green-thumbed woman at heart! She's one of the most popular DC Comics characters, so get your Poison Ivy costume today!

Wonder Woman Infographic

With the 2017 release of Wonder Woman, DC Comics got its first hit movie! Starring Gal Gadot as the titular character, the movie follows Diana of Themyscira as she enters the world and is met with the horrors of World War I. Costume SuperCenter pulled together this Wonder Woman Infographic to give you a rundown of all the characters in the movie to add to your viewing experience!

Harley Quinn Quotable Infographic

Hiya! There are many quotable characters in DC comics, but none are as entertaining as Harley Quinn! Costume SuperCenter compiled the best ones into this Harley Quinn quotable, for your viewing pleasure!

Bane Quotable Infographic

You adopted the dark. I was born in it. Molded by it. If you didn't see the light until you were already a man, you'll love this Bane quotable infographic! Bring on Gotham's reckoning and give it back to the people!

DIY Raven Cosplay Tutorial

Learn to cosplay with this step-by-step guide to making your own DIY Raven Cosplay Tutorial! Costume SuperCenter teamed up with an incredibly professional cosplayer, Uncanny Megan, to put together this ultimate guide to creating a cosplay from scratch. The Teen Titans are some of DC Comic's most popular characters, so check it out!

DIY Supergirl Cosplay Tutorial

Save Metropolis this year with a do-it-yourself Supergirl cosplay costume! Anything you can do, she can do better, stronger, and faster! Make your cosplay super with this guide!

DIY Harley Quinn Cosplay Tutorial

Harley Quinn's original jester outfit is how she burst onto the scene in 1992, and this cosplay will help you bring it to life! Check out Uncanny Megan's  Harley Quinn cosplay costume!

Poison Ivy Quotable Poster

Batman’s foe, and sometimes ally, Poisin Ivy has been growing in popularity since her first comic book appearance in 1966. Between the printed page, the animated version and the feature film portrayals, we gathered some of her best quotes to show off her prickly personality.

Five Facts: Poison Ivy [Infographic]

In June of 1966, the world was introduced to a notorious eco-terrorist named Poison Ivy who tempted Batman into a relationship full of budding romantic tension. In the 50 years since she’s evolved into one of Arkham Asylum's most notorious residents, and you can learn more about her with these Five Facts.

More Batman Villain Graphics

Printable Batman Villain Coloring Pages

Gotham is a city plagued by massive amounts of crime and corruption. But the thing about crime in Gotham is that it doesn’t just have villains, it has supervillains. And those supervillains are almost as famous as Batman himself!

Costume SuperCenter designed these awesome, FREE coloring pages that you can print at home to celebrate these horrible people and superhumans! Pick your favorite Batman villain and color them in any way you'd like! There’s nothing like a great villain to balance out a great hero, and there’s nothing as calming and fun as coloring, so why not have both? 

Arkham Asylum Infographic

Batman's sworn enemies are no strangers at Arkham Asylum. It holds the most terribly and criminally insane supervillains who want nothing more than to destroy Gotham.  Name an opponent of Bruce Wayne, and you can almost bet they’ve spent a night at Arkham.

To familiarize yourself with some of the most well-known patients, Costume SuperCenter designed this Arkham Asylum infographic to give you the run-down on the ones you may know! 

Flash Quote Infographic

You don't just need speed to inhabit the spirit of the Scarlet Speedster. You also need wit. Brush up on your cheeky one-liners with ease with the help of our exclusive The Flash Quotable Infographic. This quote poster features lines from the DCU’s Justice League and The CW’s The Flash, along with quotes from the animated films and comic books.

DC Comics Costume Ideas and Tips

When the world is in trouble, you can count on these famous superheroes to save the day. From Gotham to Star City there will always be citizens that need saving and criminals to put in their place. This Halloween you can serve up your very own slice of justice with one of our super costumes from the DC costume collection. 

Featuring character styles for Batman, Wonder Woman and so many more epic characters, you will need to take more than a few scrolls to find the perfect one for you. No matter who you dress up as this Halloween, you can count on us to have the best selection of costumes for you! Is your little hero ready for a superhero upgrade? We also carry some of the best costumes for kids and infants too! Nothing can stop justice from running it’s course, especially when you have the perfect team of heroes to fight for it.

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