Firefighter Costumes

Plenty of little kids want to be fire chiefs when they grow up. These heroes of the community are always putting their lives on the line to put out fires and protect the rest of the neighborhood by not letting the blaze expand. With our supply of firefighter costumes, you can become one of these first responders. Who knows maybe you'll become a captain of the squad one day. Fighting fires has been a dangerous occupation since its inception, for obvious reasons. Running into a burning building to check for survivors, with the likelihood of the building collapsing increasing every second, these brave men and women constantly risk their own safety for the good of the people in their community.

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Like most occupations, fighting fires has gotten safer as technical advancements become more and more available to professionals in the field. But nothing can replace a person with nothing except a mask and a heavy jacket searching for survivors in a blaze. Firefighters and police officers make for popular costume choices every Halloween, because everybody wants to be a hero, and these people are real life heroes.

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Arm yourself with a fake ax, fire extinguisher, and a gas mask, and you'll be ready to go out and heat things up at your next Halloween party.

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