Ghostbusters Costumes

Dressing up like a favorite character from a classic movie is always a great idea. If you're a fan of the hilarious Murray, Akroyd, and Ramis film, Ghostbusters, then you've come to right place to find your next outfit. This instant classic introduced us to three eccentric scientists who started their own ghost removal service! These hapless and odd friends end up saving the whole city of New York, twice! Now you can dress up just like your favorite Ghostbuster with one of our great ensemble choices. Search through our stock, pick out your favorite, and start up your own paranormal extermination business with one of these funny Ghostbusters Costumes.

Five Stats: Ghostbusters [Infographic]

How many times did people call the "1-800" number from the original Ghostbusters movie? And how long did it take to write, produce and release the theme song that told you who to call all the way back in 1984? Answers to these questions and more when you check out Costume SuperCenter's Ghostbusters Stats infographic. And if you're not the "saving the world from the paranormal" type, we've got a ton of great ghost costumes to put you on the other side.

Buy Ghostbusters Costumes Online For Halloween

Join Egon, Peter, Ray and Winston (if you prefer the original 80's movie) or Jillian, Erin, Abby and Patty (if you like the 2016 female version) to take out the ghosts and save New York City.  Our Ghostbusters costumes feature the classic beige jumpsuit with the signature logo patches. Of course, the outfits have to include those cool proton packs! These fun backpack props are detailed to look just like they do in the movie and the props really make the character come to life.

We Carry A Giant Selection Of Ghostbuster Costumes for Women, Men, Girls and Boys

Our Ghostbusters jumpsuits are available in both men's and women's choices, as well as Plus Size options. Kids can join in on the fun too, with our boy's and girl's Ghost Buster costumes. Not all of our choices are the basic jumpsuit though, as our Sexy Adult Women's Ghostbuster ensemble features the classic jumpsuit with some extra style for an eye catching and revealing look. Just don't cross the streams!

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