Gnome Costumes

The garden variety can't spend much time outside in the fall because there aren't any things growing anymore, so the best place to spend time before calling it quits for the winter is at a Halloween party. The Group Gnomes Costumes come with several different variations on these characters from European folklore. Your group of friends can use these outfits to create a twist on a familiar story or just be the rambunctious not-so-miniatures that consume all the appetizers. Buy a gnome costume today!

Gnome Costume Ideas and Tips

If you’re a fan of garden gnomes, or of gnome characters you’ve seen in movies, you’ll love our wide variety of gnome costumes! Gnomes are funny little guys who live in the forest and keep their beards long and bushy at all times. You’ll love dressing up as one of these funny creatures for Halloween! Gnome costumes are especially great for if you’re taking care of children on Halloween, since they’re less likely to be scary to children. 

Gnomes are so cute and funny that even the most sensitive children will be laughing along when you’re taking them trick-or-treating in one of these costumes! You can also get a group costume together and go out with your friends as a whole troop of gnomes. After all, have you ever seen just one gnome out alone? You and your friends will be the talk of the Halloween party when you show up as a whole gaggle of these hilarious creatures!

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