Gnome Costumes

The garden variety can't spend much time outside in the fall because there aren't any things growing anymore, so the best place to spend time before calling it quits for the winter is at a Halloween party. The Group Gnomes Costumes come with several different variations on these characters from European folklore. Your group of friends can use these outfits to create a twist on a familiar story or just be the rambunctious not-so-miniatures that consume all the appetizers. Buy a gnome costume today!

Buy A Gnome Costume For Halloween

One of the earliest accounts of garden gnomes comes from a story that details a cobbler and his wife and the gnomes who swear to assist them in exchange for clothes. You and your significant other can wear a tunic and dress respectively while reciting this tale to children. Both gender varieties even include a Phrygian cap to wear on your heads. The gnome tradition can even be passed down to your children because tiny gnome outfits do exist. They also include overalls, a hat, and a faux beard. Together the family can pose for pictures in a variety of gardens. These pictures will be proof of a fine memory when the whole family spent the day goofing around.

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