Jurassic World Costumes

Jurassic Park’s John Hammond always said, when referring to his park, "We spared no expense!" This year, experience the glory of Jurassic World with affordable prices and great costumes that would make Hammond proud! The Jurassic Park franchise, based on Michael Crichton’s hit novel, has created an important place for itself in pop culture. Jurassic Park takes the idea of an amusement park and combines it with prehistoric horror. The frights, laughs, and the unforgettable characters are what makes the movie franchise so popular and successful. 2015’s Jurassic World was no different! Jurassic World welcomes you a world a genetically dinosaurs, specially trained raptors, an ancient whale exhibit, and more! Who doesn’t love dinosaurs with special abilities like the Indominus Rex or unique looking raptors like Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo? Buy Jurassic World costumes today!

Jurassic World Costume Ideas and Tips

We all where there when the first dinosaur appeared on the movie screen in the first Jurassic Park movies, but now with the new discoveries in the field of science, we cannot just create dinosaurs but mutate them as well! You have seen the ferocious Indominus rex wreak havoc on Jurassic World but now an even bigger and badder Dino is making its way into your homes this Halloween season. 

From masks, to costumes, accessories and more, you and your family will have everything they need to take on this foursome predator with you own Jurassic World themed costumes! No matter who you are, dinosaurs will always be held close to our hearts, even when they destroy half of Chicago. From the mighty and inflatable T Rex to the cunning and crafty Velociraptors, you can become one with the dinosaur this Halloween with one of our epic Dino themed costumes from the Jurassic World costume collection.

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