Jurassic World Costumes

Jurassic Park’s John Hammond always said, when referring to his park, "We spared no expense!" This year, experience the glory of Jurassic World with affordable prices and great costumes that would make Hammond proud! The Jurassic Park franchise, based on Michael Crichton’s hit novel, has created an important place for itself in pop culture. Jurassic Park takes the idea of an amusement park and combines it with prehistoric horror. The frights, laughs, and the unforgettable characters are what makes the movie franchise so popular and successful. 2015’s Jurassic World was no different! Jurassic World welcomes you a world a genetically dinosaurs, specially trained raptors, an ancient whale exhibit, and more! Who doesn’t love dinosaurs with special abilities like the Indominus Rex or unique looking raptors like Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo? Buy Jurassic World costumes today!

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Pretend to travel off the coast of Costa Rica, dress up as the fierce, terrifying, and clever Indominus Rex and have fun playing pranks on your friends. Become the brave ex-Navy raptor trainer, Owen Grady, and use your navigate Isla Nublar! Transform into everyone’s favorite Tyrannosaurus Rex, Rexy! You can wear a full body T-Rex costume with arms and all, a bodysuit and mask combination, or wear a separate realistic T-Rex mask!

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Create an fun pack of Tyrannosaurus Rex with your friends and be the ruling dinosaurs while trick-or-treating. Or, recreate the epic fight from Jurassic World and invite your friend to dress up as a T-Rex while you dress up as the Indominus Rex! There are many ways to have fun when dressed as a dinosaur. Show off your love for all things Jurassic Park this year with your costume. Remember that dinosaurs will never go out of style and Ian Malcolm’s words, "Life finds a way!"

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