Jurassic World Costumes

Jurassic Park’s John Hammond always said, when referring to his park, "We spared no expense!" This year, experience the glory of Jurassic World with affordable prices and great costumes that would make Hammond proud! The Jurassic Park franchise, based on Michael Crichton’s hit novel, has created an important place for itself in pop culture. Jurassic Park takes the idea of an amusement park and combines it with prehistoric horror. The frights, laughs, and the unforgettable characters are what makes the movie franchise so popular and successful. 2015’s Jurassic World was no different! Jurassic World welcomes you a world a genetically dinosaurs, specially trained raptors, an ancient whale exhibit, and more! Who doesn’t love dinosaurs with special abilities like the Indominus Rex or unique looking raptors like Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo? Buy Jurassic World costumes today!

Jurassic World Costume Ideas and Tips

We all where there when the first dinosaur appeared on the movie screen in the first Jurassic Park movies, but now with the new discoveries in the field of science, we cannot just create dinosaurs but mutate them as well! You have seen the ferocious Indominus rex wreak havoc on Jurassic World but now an even bigger and badder Dino is making its way into your homes this Halloween season. 

From masks, to costumes, accessories and more, you and your family will have everything they need to take on this foursome predator with you own Jurassic World themed costumes! No matter who you are, dinosaurs will always be held close to our hearts, even when they destroy half of Chicago. From the mighty and inflatable T Rex to the cunning and crafty Velociraptors, you can become one with the dinosaur this Halloween with one of our epic Dino themed costumes from the Jurassic World costume collection.

Jurassic World is Here!

Take a trip back to Isla Sorna with one of our officially licensed Jurassic World costumes for the whole family. Whether you are a lifelong fan of the Jurassic Park franchise or a newcomer brought in by the wonder of the Jurassic World movies, we have a monster-size selection of high-quality and complete costumes that will let you celebrate all of your favorite dinosaurs and even a few human characters. Keep Halloween party goers under control when you are dressed as a Jurassic Park Safety Ranger, or take the place by storm in an inflatable T-Rex costume that will have everyone running.


Our Jurassic World Halloween costumes are just as effective for groups as they are individually. No one can resist having their picture taken with a group of dinosaurs and their officially adorned handler! And to take your experience even further, there is a selection of officially licensed accessories for Jurassic World costumes that will keep your look fresh and distinguishable from any other roaming dinosaurs that cross your path. Get crazy, get creative, and you'll have a Jurassic costume no one has ever seen before. Eye-catching and action-packed, put some prehistoric adventure in your Halloween with a Jurassic World costume for the ages!


Show your love of the Jurassic Park movies at any office Halloween party or event you find yourself at this Fright Night. Choose from any of our officially licensed Jurassic Park costumes for Halloween and you certainly will not have to wait long until everyone is throwing movie quotes at you and joining in on your nostalgic fun. Whether you dress as a classic character or one of the many fearsome dinosaurs, you will have a costume that everyone will remember and talk about all year long. Visit our entire selection of Jurassic Park costume accessories to customize your outfit into a look no one has ever seen.


Imagine roaming up and down the trick-or-treat route as the most fearsome hunter that ever walked the planet. This fantasy becomes a reality when you put on one of our officially licensed Jurassic World costumes for kids! With complete costumes, masks and other Jurassic Park accessories, the only limit to your options is your own imagination. Dress as Jurassic World hero Owen Grady to show everyone you have the situation under control, or bring chaos to an entire party as you unleash your own T-Rex into the crowd. Perfect for movie screenings as well as Halloween, these comfortable and versatile costumes will come in handy all year round.


The world of costuming was shaken to its core a couple of years ago with the release of the Jurassic World inflatable line of dinosaur costumes. Powered by concealed fans, these can't miss head to toe costumes maintain the shape of whatever dinosaur you have chosen. With options such as the classic Jurassic world T-Rex, Indominus Rex and Blue the Raptor, audiences and Halloween party goers nationwide were awestruck by these award-winning and cleverly designed costumes. Take your Halloween to the next level with an inflatable Jurassic World costume that will make you the center of attention at any event!


Our officially licensed to Jurassic World masks are just the thing you need to upgrade your complete dinosaur costume, or to just add a whimsical twist to any existing costume or outfit. With traditional overhead masks of some of your favorite Jurassic world dinosaurs, you may also choose to go with a more automated mask with movable jaws and roaring sound if you think your Halloween outfit needs a kick into overdrive. Jurassic World masks are also an easy way to show your fandom of the franchise without the commitment of a developed head-to-toe look. Any outfit becomes a costume when you have the head of a Velociraptor!


Create a group costuming theme that will make your clique the talk of the party when you all choose from one of our Jurassic World Halloween costumes. With some acting as dinosaur wranglers and others as the dinosaurs bringing their own brand of chaos, you will have a group costume that is begging to be the next Instagram sensation. Recreate an entire cast from one of the movies, or just create an all-star team of your favorites from the franchises storied history. With everybody dressed in their own Jurassic World costume, you are well on your way to making memories that will last 65 million years.


With two books and five movies in twenty-five years, the story of Jurassic Park has become one of the most beloved and heralded of our time. Learn more about this classic film franchise with this Jurassic Park and Jurassic World infographic containing some facts you may not know about some of your favorite movies. A movie this iconic is absolutely loaded with trivia! Once you have taken in these fun factual tidbits, explore our selection of Jurassic World costumes and create a complete look that shows everyone why you fell in love with this story in the first place. 

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