KISS Costumes

Get ready to rock n' roll all night, with our Kiss costumes. KISS is one of the biggest American rock bands in history, best known for their elaborate costumes and makeup. With such a distinguishable look, it's no surprise that the members of this iconic band are such popular choices every year. THey have made multiple 'top 100' lists, for their status as a metal band, a rock band, an amazing live band, and an American rock band. Despite some falterings in their recorded work and many internal disputes between band members, The band has remained one of the most famous rock bands in American history. They recently toured, albeit with a changed lineup, much to the joy of the older folks who've been fans from the beginning, and also the young people who have discovered Kiss on their own or have been introduced to them by their parents.

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Kiss is one of the coolest bands in history. Their makeup, costumes, pyrotechnics, and amazing lights shows have made them one of the most beloved bands to see live, and their brand of fun, heavy, rock n' roll music has helped them to remain relevant over the past few decades. They released an album as recently as 2012, and are committed to continuing to do the thing they love. Even without the makeup, Kiss is still one of the most influential bands of all time, whether you consider them a rock n' roll band, or heavy metal band.

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