Maleficent Costumes

Some girls have the whole world handed to them, and others take it by force. Celebrate one of Disney's strongest leading ladies when you wear your own Maleficent costume for Halloween this year! These outfits are based on the 2014 live action film of Sleeping Beauty starring Angelina Jolie, all of them sure to get you invited to the king and queen's party.

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Maleficent Costume Ideas and Tips

Appearing in one of the timeless movie classics and even earning her very own movie spin off, there is no doubt that Maleficent is one of the most menacing and mysterious Disney villains of all time. Who really knows why she cursed Aurora, maybe she was jealous of her beauty, or maybe she was just having a bad hair day underneath that iconic headdress. 

No matter the reason, this evil witch has dominated the movie screen, and this Halloween you can share her glory with the magic costumes from our Maleficent costume collection. From dresses, accessories, props and more there is no stopping you from taking back what is your when you look this good. Perfect for ladies of all ages, we have costumes for every need. Whether rocking the classic Maleficent look from the original Sleepy Beauty movie or making a look of your own with our sexy style costumes, you will look and feel ready for anything this Halloween when you wear one of our Maleficent themed costumes.

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