Monsters Inc. Costumes

Originally powered by children's screams, travel to Monstropolis this Halloween with a fun costume for adults and children from the popular Pixar movie. Mike and Sully work at the Monster's Inc. factory, which employs creatures of all different shapes, sizes, colors and numbers of eyes. They use closet doors as portals into kids' bedrooms to put their scaring tactic to use. But, when Sully, the company's number one scarer, finds out that laughter generates even more energy than screams, he and his buddy change the power business forever.

This Halloween, dress up like a monster without scaring a soul with one of our Monsters University costumes for adults and children. James P. Sullivan, or "Sully" as he is best known, is big, blue, and fuzzy with purple spots and matching horns. Quite the opposite, Mike is small green, and round with small white horns and one big eye. Our outfits inspired by these two character favorites come in all different styles and sizes for everyone to enjoy.

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