Monsters Inc. Costumes

Originally powered by children's screams, travel to Monstropolis this Halloween with a fun costume for adults and children from the popular Pixar movie. Mike and Sully work at the Monster's Inc. factory, which employs creatures of all different shapes, sizes, colors and numbers of eyes. They use closet doors as portals into kids' bedrooms to put their scaring tactic to use. But, when Sully, the company's number one scarer, finds out that laughter generates even more energy than screams, he and his buddy change the power business forever.

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Monsters Inc. Costume Ideas and Tips

Get ready to scream this Halloween, when you’re wearing one of our Monsters, Inc. costumes! Whether you’re collecting the screams as one of the monsters or supplying the energy as Boo, you’ll have your best Halloween yet celebrating the holiday with an homage to one of the greatest Pixar movies of all time. These Monsters, Inc. costumes offer a wide selection of monsters from the Monsters, Inc. movies, including Sully, Mike, and Boo!

 You can even find costumes from the prequel movie, Monsters University, and embody one of the characters as they were in undergrad. You’ll have a Halloween you’ll never forget when you step into the shoes, horns, scales, and teeth of your favorite character from this iconic film franchise. And why stop at just one monster when you could get your friends together for a whole group costume based on this adorable movie? Step out with the whole cast of Monsters, Inc. to really collect some scream power!

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