My Little Pony Costumes

The original My Little Pony toy launched in 1983, and since then, there’s been nothing but growing popularity for the franchise. Four TV series, a feature film, and a toy line later, and My Little Pony evolved into a huge brand and pop culture icon. So why not get a little colorful this Halloween with a costume of your favorite pony? From Pinkie Pie to Rainbow Dash, there’s no shortage of characters to choose from! Buy My Little Pony costumes today!

My Little Pony Costume Ideas and Tips

My Little Ponies will always be in our hearts, and over the years they have certainly won over the hearts of children and young adults all over the world. From the cute and original Dolls from the 1980s and now a well-known TV show, these ponies are making big headlines. With such popularity, it is no wonder why everyone wants a piece of this pony action. 

This Halloween, everyone and anyone can dress up as the lovable character with the perfect costumes and accessories from our My Little Pony Costume Collection! With everyone from rocking rainbow dash wigs to cute party bags and costumes for your four legged and furry pets, we are not kidding when we say that we have a costume for everyone! No need for scary monsters to come out and play this Halloween, because these little ponies are taking to the streets and are bound to fill up the night with fun!

DIY My Little Pony Ears & Wings (Plus Wig Styling Tips)

My Little Pony is a toy that has withstand the test of time. But it was My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that helped to amass its cult following. Bronies may love their ponies, but there are plenty of bright-eyed young ladies around the world who can’t resist the allure of MLP as well. These costumes are a pretty popular choice during the Halloween season and a frequent sighting at comic conventions. If you're team Pinkie Pie, this DIY My Little Pony Ears & Wing tutorial is for you. 

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