Peter Pan Costumes

Peter Pan is the boy who never grew up. He lives in Neverland and has adventures with the Lost Boys. Even though he was a boy, Peter Pan outfits are sometimes made for girls, boys and women. This could be, in part, because in all Broadway and stage productions he is played by a woman. Regardless, all Peter Pan costumes are generally the same whether they are for males or females, featuring a green tunic and a pointed hat with a feather.

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Peter Pan Costume Ideas and Tips

You’ll feel like you never grew up when you put on one of our Peter Pan costumes! These Peter Pan costumes offer all the main characters from one of Disney’s most iconic films. You’ll love dressing up as the intrepid leader of the Lost Boys, when you order our green tights, feathered cap, and leafy tunic! 

You can also be Wendy, and try your luck being a mother to all the children in Neverland, or be John or Michael and start training to be initiated to the Lost Boys! You can even be the murderous Captain Hook, hunting the heroes of Peter Pan around the island of Neverland in a quest for revenge! Whatever you choose, your Halloween is sure to feel like it’s been enchanted with pixie dust when you’re stepping out in one of these adorable Peter Pan costumes. Get a group costume together and you can go out with the whole band of Lost Boys this Halloween!

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