Pokemon Costumes

Pokemon is a contraction taken from two Japanese words, poketto and monsuta which means Pocket Monsters. The cute little characters are from a video game that also became hugely popular as trading cards, toys,  and television shows. The purpose is to collect, train and battle with other Pokemon until a trainer eventually wins the match. Every character has a distinct personality and skill set so its easy to match a Pokemon costume to your child. Chances are, they already have a favorite anyway. So buy a Pokemon costume today!

Pokémon Costume Ideas and Tips

If your dream is to catch’ em all, why not browse through all of our Pokémon costumes? Our Pokémon costumes let you step into the shoes of a Pokémon trainer, or even one of the Pokémon themselves! Whatever your favorite character from the Pokémon TV show or movies, or whatever your favorite Pokémon from the iconic Pokémon games, you can find the costume that will let you show your love of this adorable franchise. 

You’ll love clicking through our massive selection of Pokémon outfits, browsing all the characters you know and love before choosing the one that’s perfect for you. You can even get all your friends together for a Pokémon group costume, and take the full cast of the Pokémon TV show out for Halloween! You’ll love staging Pokémon duels and singing the iconic Pokémon theme song while you’re dressed up as your favorite Pokémon character! Shop our Pokémon costumes today!

I Choose You, Costume!

Since the 90s, Pokemon has been a sensation that adults and kids alike just can't seem to get enough of. Celebrate your love of this legendary franchise with one of our officially licensed Pokemon Halloween costumes for kids and adults. Find a costume depiction of your favorite Pokemon creature, or develop your very own head-to-toe representation of everyone's favorite Pokemon trainer Ash Ketchum. From Jigglypuff to Charmander and of course Pikachu, our selection of Pokemon costumes is perfect, whether you are a fan from way back or just one of the many who live for Pokemon Go. Choose from ready-to-wear complete costumes, or just the specific masks and accessories you need to set off a look you already have.


Let Pokemon be a part of your family's Halloween celebration with a group costume theme that will have the entire neighborhood talking. Armed with only Pokeballs and candy pales, you can hit the trick-or-treat route with your very own little pack of loveable Pokemon. With decades of story and an enormous catalog of unforgettable creatures, it’s no wonder that Pokemon is a yearly staple of Halloween costuming. This iconic and adorable staple of characters is exactly what you need to catch Halloween memories that will last a lifetime!


Cute, comfortable and versatile, our selection of officially licensed Pokemon Halloween costumes for girls is a fun and festive way to celebrate your child's love of this iconic game and cartoon series. Have fun exploring all of our choices to find her very favorite Pokemon to represent this year. Once that decision has been made, visit all of our Pokemon costume accessories to build a look all her own. If she would rather catch Pokemon then dress like them, find a Pokemon Trainer or Team Rocket costume that is perfect for her! Playing Pokemon Go has never been more fun than when she feels like she is really in the action herself!


This Halloween, let the action and excitement of catching wild Pokemon invade your family's celebration when your child steps into one of our officially licensed Pokemon Halloween costumes for boys! Weather he has seen every episode of the cartoon, or just can't seem to put down the game, our selection of looks ranging from all their favorite Pokemon to Trainer costumes and accessories is sure to please even the most discriminating poke-fan. You can look forward to seeing your little Pokemon decked out all year long with a costume that is perfect for absolutely any costumed occasion! Be sure to select a few accessories to make their Pokemon look stand out at the next tournament!


This Halloween, you are going to step into the party as one of the most recognizable, adorable and cuddly creatures ever conceived! Our entire selection of officially licensed Pokemon Halloween costumes for women is an eye-catching and fun way to show your Pokemon fandom wherever your Halloween adventures take you! Choose from a traditional depiction of some of your favorite Pokemon such as Pikachu, Charmander and Jigglypuff, or take control in your own Pokemon Trainer or Team Rocket costume. Either way, you have a high-quality costume that will leave no mistake how much you love this epic series.


If you just gotta catch em all, look no further than our expansive selection of officially licensed Pokemon Halloween costumes for men. Become a Charmander that is ready to take over an entire Halloween party, or show off your Pokemon Go expertise when you step through the door dressed as a Pokemon trainer or one of the evil members of Team Rocket. Then have fun exploring around our Pokemon costume accessories to find all the Pokeballs and other little details that will make your costume stand out and be noticed. Fans of the TV show, trading card game and video games alike are blown away by these can't-miss Pokemon costume looks.


Give your head to toe Pokemon look an upgrade, or just add a bit of Pokemon love to any other costume or outfit when you choose from our selection of officially licensed Pokemon accessories for Halloween costumes. Your Pokemon trainer can never have too many Pokeballs or be without his classic Pokemon trainers hat. If a complete costume isn't what you're looking for, one of our Pokemon masks is a terrific way to have a memorable costume with no commitment or prep time needed. Take a look around all of our accessories and find a combination that is perfect for you and your Pokemon costume.


Pokemon is a brand that lends itself well to large groups. Just as you and your friends all get together to play Pokemon Go, you can attack this Halloween as a trainer and group of Pokemon who are ready to take the party by storm. No one will be able to resist having their picture taken with a group of some of the most recognizable and popular animated creatures in history. Comfortable and versatile, these looks can also be recycled into a group cosplay theme that is perfect for any comic book convention or Pokemon event. Sharing your love of Pokemon with your friends is part of what makes this game so appealing, so it only makes sense to bring that to your Pokemon Halloween.


When you decide to get serious about building a Pokemon trainer costume that is ready for contest and Pokemon Go cosplay events, you are going to want to make sure you have everything official, in place and how it should be. Have a look at our tutorial for creating your perfect Pokemon Go trainer costume and you will be one step ahead of all of those unprepared Team Rocket fans. With overall tips and specific things to include and look out for, you have a complete guide that will save you the trouble of researching and scouting out costume pieces yourself. Once you have figured out what you need, you can catch em all from our enormous selection of all the officially licensed Pokemon costume pieces and accessories. The world of cosplay is not for your average Halloween costumer, so before you dive in, take a look to make sure your outfit is everything it can be.


Bring the fun and excitement of Pokemon to your child's next birthday party with a complete kit of Pokemon party supplies and decorations from Birthday in a Box. With everything you need to throw an unbelievable Pokemon party delivered conveniently in one box, you will be free to celebrate the day instead of scrambling all over town at the last minute searching out individual items. With bright, durable officially licensed Pokemon supplies and decorations, your child will have the party with Pikachu and Jigglypuff that they always wanted. Every party planner’s best friend, you can now take all the leg work out and leave all the fun of a well prepared and dressed party intact. Have a look and choose the combination of Pokemon place settings, banners, balloons and even piñatas that will make your child's party the event of the year!

DIY Pokemon GO Trainer Cosplay Tutorial

Gotta catch 'em all! Meet up with Professor Willow and pick your team, it's time to get into the Pokemon GO game! Costume SuperCenter teamed up with cosplayer Uncanny Megan to create a do-it-yourself cosplay tutorial for a Pokemon GO Trainer cosplay that you're sure to love. Make your own costume and get out there and start collecting some Pokemon!

Pokemon Costumes

Get going from Pallet Town and make your move to catch 'em all! Become Ash Ketchum or Pikachu, or any of your favorite Pocket Monsters this Halloween with a Pokemon costume!

Legend of Zelda Costumes

Hyrule needs a warrior, and you can become Link this Halloween! Save the world as Link or Zelda with one of Costume SuperCenter's Legend of Zelda costumes for Halloween!

Halo Costumes

The Covenant is invading and the USNC is being called upon to stop them. Join the fight this year as John-117, the Master Chief, or any of the other Spartan Warriors with a Halo costume!

Assassin's Creed Costumes

Join Desmond Miles in the Animus and travel back in time through your ancestor's memories with an Assassin's Creed costumes! Whether it's in Ezio Auditore's or Altiar Ibn-Al Ahad's memories, you'll love the experience!

Super Mario Bros. Costumes

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Five Nights at Freddy's Costumes

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