Police Costumes

There's something about cop costumes that makes women perk up and take notice. For men, there aren't too many things that can replace the feeling of being in charge while looking good. Police costumes have always been popular, and especially if you're planning for a party, a surprise birthday, or looking to don the the outfit that everyone will talk about on Halloween night. Uniforms that suggest authority are great for luring people into character too. If you're a guy at a party, there's always the possibility of detaining any suspicious ladies that might catch your eye. Shop our huge selection of police costumes online.

Police Costumes For Boys, Women, Men and Girls

Police uniforms aren't just for macho guys. Boys of all ages love wearing a uniform that screams authority. The fascination with a squad car's flashing lights begins at an early age. And if you're a dad or a mom, kids relish the make-believe police chase and the opportunity to handcuff and escort you down to the station. Cop costumes for boys are great too because they're relatively inexpensive on the wallet.

Buy Police Costumes For Halloween Online At Costume SuperCenter

Police Halloween costume come with all the amenities the job calls for, matching shirts and pants, badge and a hat. There may be an occasion where other accessories like toy guns, plastic handcuffs and a nightstick will have to be purchased separately, but they all give cop Halloween costumes the desired look and feel.

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