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D'oh! Simpsons costumes may be new but they are just as timely as they were when The Simpsons made its television debut back in the 1980s. Now officially the longest running show in history, it stars Homer Simpson as the lovable yet ignorant father and Marge as the tolerant and sweet mother. If you want to make heads turn this Halloween, a better couples costume you cannot find! Together, they are the world's most recognized (and funniest) cartoon couple. Buy Simpsons costumes for Halloween today!

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Simpsons costumes are for fans of the show and any pop culture enthusiast. Going to a party dressed in our Marge and Homer Simpson costumes will be a fantastic ice breaker. Before you know it, the crowd will be laughing about their favorite Simpsons episodes and you'll be crowned the winner of the best Halloween costumes.

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The Marge Simpson costume features her classic lime green dress, orange pearls and blue beehive hairdo. It comes in small, medium and large. Homer Simpsons costume features his blue pants, white shirt and a half mask; it comes in teen and standard size. Be sure to check the size charts with each costume to be sure you are getting the best fit.

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