SNL Costumes

Your funny side is calling, so release it upon the world in the form of popular sketches seen every Saturday night. The Group SNL Costumes are designed after many of the sketches that have become quite notorious over the years that SNL has been around. Comedy is a complete 180 from the spooky and scary themes that are normally featured on Halloween, but we're positive you'll have a few thankful folks letting you know their appreciation that you dressed in something that's the opposite of macabre. Shop our collection of Saturday Night Live costumes today!

Buy A Saturday Night Live Costume For Halloween

With notable SNL alumni including Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, Steve Martin, Chris Rock, Will Ferrel, Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey, its no wonder Saturday Night Live sketch costumes are so popular. A hot button topic and filled with loads of laughs, the Ace and Gary sketches are some of the best that SNL has put on.  These Saturday Night Live costumes are light blue jumpsuits with accompanying yellow underwear, boots, and gloves. Write some of your best material and test it out on the party goers who will be present at the next Halloween party you attend. The Killer Bee and Spartan Cheerleader sketches are also easy to re-create, thanks to the styles we have available on this page. If these were some of your favorites, try and mimic some of the funniest moments you remember, or make up your own jokes to fit the characters.

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