SNL Costumes

Your funny side is calling, so release it upon the world in the form of popular sketches seen every Saturday night. The Group SNL Costumes are designed after many of the sketches that have become quite notorious over the years that SNL has been around. Comedy is a complete 180 from the spooky and scary themes that are normally featured on Halloween, but we're positive you'll have a few thankful folks letting you know their appreciation that you dressed in something that's the opposite of macabre. Shop our collection of Saturday Night Live costumes today!

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SNL Costume Ideas and Tips

Be alive and be loads of fun with help from our selection of SNL Costumes. Saturday Night Live has been a popular television show for decades. Every Saturday Night a different host and different musical guest join the regular cast for a laugh-filled evening. The show begins with a comedy sketch that always ends with the same iconic words, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” 

Then the host delivers a monologue in front of the live audience. Over the years, many of the cast members have created characters that make audiences laugh and remain in their minds for years after they first aired. One of the first were the Coneheads, an alien family who said they came from France but really came from the planet Remulak. Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtain played the parental units, Beldar and Prymatt. You can play them too, or their daughter Connie, when you put on one of our Conehead headpieces. Or you can be a Spartan Cheerleader when you purchase a Spartan Cheerleader costumes. Order today and make every night Saturday Night.

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