South Park Costumes

Now you can go out dressed up as your favorite characters from South Park with our selection of South Park Costumes. Since debuting in 1997, The Trey Parker and Matt Stone cartoon has become one of the most popular animated shows on television. The characters always find themselves in ridiculous situations and the show often satirizes current events in an outlandish and hilarious way. It's a comedy staple on television today and has made the unique crossover for cartoons, as a favorite show for kids and adults alike. Dressing up as a favorite character is always a blast, so check out our collection of South Park Halloween Costumes and pick out your favorite today!

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Our South Park themed outfits all include a character headpiece, pants, and character tunic to closely match the characters' appearances from the show. Kenny is shown with his classic orange zip up sweatshirt, with his hood pulled tight; Kyle features his orange and green shirt and familiar green winter hat; and the Cartman costume will make you look just like the chubby trouble maker from the show. South Park outfits are a great choice for any fan of the show, but they make an especially great choice for a group of friends to go out in one themed group choice.

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