Spice Girls Costumes

The Spice Girls are a band that consists of five very different women, all unique in their own right. One was named Sporty Spice - she made Adidas pants extremely popular. There was Scary Spice who started a craze around animal print. Next, Ginger Spice began to sing loud and proud for all the red heads across the globe-wearing a short little England flag dress all the while. Baby Spice had every little girl putting their hair in pigtails and batting their eyelashes-she knew how to get what she wanted! Posh Spice, now known as the famous Victoria Beckham, decided that little black dresses and high shoes were the only way to be seen in public - a fashion icon from the very beginning. This Halloween, go 90's retro and wear a Spice Girls Costume

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Creating a year long rage all around the globe, these five girls stole the hearts of young ladies-and their mothers alike. From fashion icons to inspiring Girl Power this pop band made their mark, loud and clear! Not a single girl didn't sing (on the top of her lungs), "I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want!" And, these five pop superstars knew exactly what they wanted: fame! Dressing like these pop sensations was a common trend for girls in the nineties. Relive those memories when you dress up like any of the members from this pop band phenomenon! From appropriate wigs, to the right outfits, this is a group costume that will never be forgotten.

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