Super Mario Bros Costumes

Buy a Super Mario costume for Haloween. The world's most famous Italian-American plumbers are none other than the video game characters Mario and Luigi. Before Super Mario hit the big time with is own game series he appeared as "Jumpman" in the 1981 classic game Donkey Kong. Nintendo debuted Super Mario in 1983 and it has been a consistently popular video game for over a quarter of a century. The Super Mario Bros costume is a great likeness to the video character with his bright red shirt and blue overalls, big belly and oversized mustache. Our set features a hat, mustache, jumpsuit with attached shirt, gloves and inflatable belly.

Super Mario Bros Costume Ideas and Tips

Whether you’re a Mario or a Luigi, you’ll love the wide array of options we have when it comes to Super Mario Bros costumes! Anyone who’s a fan of Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, or the original Mario video games will love the opportunity to dress up as their favorite digital plumber, or any of his friends! 

If you’re looking for a casual costume you can wear to work, you can order one of our more low-key costumes, or if you want to look like you just stepped out of the Mario video games, you can get a costume that pulls out all the stops! The Mario games are also the perfect idea for a group costume, since they feature such a huge cast of characters. If you get your friends together for a Mario Bros Halloween, you’ll be able to find something for everyone among the many figures in the Mario universe.

It's a Me, Mario!

It’s a collection of iconic Mario costumes and accessories! Kids of all ages will love becoming Nintendo’s famous video game characters for Halloween or cosplay. These beloved characters are sure to put a smile on the face of gamers of all ages. Grab a fully detailed Mario or Princess Peach ensemble for an adorable couples’ costume. Or pick up a simple costume kit to keep things quick and easy. 

With the amazing popularity of the Wii, followed by the mass market appeal of the Switch, there’s simply no better time for Nintendo fans to unleash their cosplay creativity. From birthday parties to trick-or-treating and everything in between, our collection of officially licensed Super Mario costumes and accessories are sure to be a hit with all your friends and family.

Girls’ Costumes

Your little Nintendo fan will love our collection of girls’ Super Mario costumes. Let her get glammed up with our lovely Rosalina and Princess Peach ballgowns and be sure to include our white gloves and officially licensed Princess Peach crown to top off the ensemble. Or order a traditional Mario jumpsuit or updated Mario dress. Your daughter can even go off the beaten path with our unique Go-Kart costume that brings her favorite game to life. Want to give your child the ability to create hours of imaginative, dress-up fun? Add one of our costume kits, like Mario and Luigi’s cap and mustaches, or Princess Peach’s gloves and crown to her playtime wardrobe.

Boys’ Costumes

All of your son’s favorite Nintendo characters are represented in our comprehensive boy’s collection. Bowser fans will love our deluxe ensemble complete with inflatable shell, cuffs, and mask. Brothers will look adorable in matching Mario and Luigi jumpsuits. Our Mario Kart children’s costumes will let your little gamer bring their favorite game to life with red and green Mario and Luigi Go-Kart tunics. Add our convenient Mario and Luigi costume kits including mustaches and caps or our Raccoon kit to their playroom for easy dress-up fun. From tween sizes to costumes for infants, there’s sure to be a fun Nintendo get-up for kids of all ages.

Women’s Costumes

Our collection of fashionable women’s Super Mario costumes feature pleated skirts and lovely ballgowns for a fresh take on these iconic Nintendo characters. Become Toad, Mario, or Yoshi in an A-line dress ensemble complete with hats, capelets, and fake mustaches. Or show off your royal side with our deluxe Rosalina and Princess Peach ensembles, complete with shimmering gold and silver crowns. This extensive collection will help you find the right ensemble for Halloween, cosplay, or Nintendo themed birthday bash.

Men’s Costumes

Become your favorite video game characters with the help of our officially licensed Super Mario men’s costume collection. Root for the good guys with our deluxe Mario or Luigi jumpsuits. Or go full Big Bad with our Bowser ensembles featuring spiked black cuffs and a realistic face mask. And don’t worry, the sidekicks are here, too! From Toad to Donkey Kong and Yoshi, all your favorite Nintendo characters are available for your cosplay needs. Order an officially licensed costume package or create your own DIY ensemble with the help of our masks, gloves, and hats today.


Don’t get caught without your special hat! Mario’s themed caps give him extra special powers … Just like our Nintendo themed accessories will help you level up your Halloween or cosplay outfit. Fly through the sky with our Raccoon kit featuring ears, cap, and tail. Pick up a pair of oversized white gloves and a fluffy mustache to create your own DIY cosplay experience. Or add our Princess Peach crown to your child’s playroom for imaginative dress-up fun. Get your game on and party like King Koopa with these instantly recognizable cosplay accessories.

Group Costumes

Get the whole gang together and recreate all your favorite Nintendo games with a Super Mario group costume. Order Princess Peach and Mario costumes for a sweet couples’ ensemble. Or opt for Donkey Kong and Bowser and let the baddies loose on the town. Our Mario Kart tunics will let the entire family race to the trick-or-treat finish line. Or opt for a girls’ night out with our Princess Peach and Rosalina disguises. However your crew wants to celebrate your next Halloween or cosplay event, you’ll find everything you need to put together the perfect group costume theme.

Party Supplies

Level up your next birthday bash with Birthday In A Box’s collection of Super Mario party supplies and decorations. From power star-themed invitations to mushroom party favors, your guests will enjoy your Super Mario themed party from beginning to end. And we’ve got everything you need to create a unique Nintendo bash that’s convenient and entertaining. Check out our suggestions for Nintendo themed activities like a Yoshi Egg Hunt and themed party food like chocolate Bomb-ombs for tips on how to throw an amazing Super Mario party your friends and family will never forget. Convenient printables and DIY prop tutorials are also available so you can add your own personal touch to your party decor. Don’t forget to order your favorite Super Mario costumes to go along with your Nintendo party theme.

Mario Costumes

It's a me, Mario! Become the world's most famous plumber this Halloween with one of these brand new Mario costumes! There are all sizes from men's to women's and kids!

Princess Peach Costumes

Forget being saved and save the day yourself when you put on a Princess Peach costume for your next Halloween or costume party! There's nothing a little pink can't make powerful!

Yoshi Costumes

Yoshi! This lovable dinosaur has been carrying Mario around for years and years, and now you can pick your own Yoshi costume to become everyone's favorite long-tongued lizard!

Luigi Costumes

Mario may be the namesake of the Super Mario Bros., but that doesn't mean Luigi isn't a big deal. When you put on a Luigi costume for Halloween, you'll become the other mustachioed menace to Bowser!

Bowsette Cosplay Tutorial

Started by a meme, this fiery mash-up of Princess Peach and Bowser took the cosplay world by storm. With the help of the Super Crown from New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe suppose you could combine any characters you want. Naturally, Bowsette was born. This gender-bent Bowser is a fun look to recreate, especially with so few female characters in the Mario franchise. Known for her blonde hair, with horns, fangs, a spiked collar with matching armbands, and a black strapless dress, it was one look that took over at NYCC 2018. Not ones to skip a trend, we wanted to create our own version of the Bowsette cosplay. With some simple supplies and some DIY skills, you can recreate this look by following this Bowsette cosplay tutorial!

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