Walking Dead Costumes

Rotting flesh and ragged clothing has never been a fashion statement but when it comes to costumes, the zombie look is the biggest trend for Halloween. In fact, thanks to TV series like the Walking Dead, the zombie apocalypse in among us. Halloween parties, zombie walks and Human vs. Zombie competitions are just a few of the places to don your undead best in the perfect outfit.

Walking Dead Costume Ideas and Tips

Be wary on Halloween after dark. It is the night that the deceased will wake from their deathly slumber and stroll around. Want to join them? Order one of our Walking Dead Costumes. Halloween is the time of the year when the curtain between the dead and the living is at its weakest. 

It was believed that if you dress as one of the dead, then they will leave you alone because they will think you are one of them. Any of our zombie outfits can help with that. We have licensed outfits from the A&E Walking Dead TV series, including Rick Grimes.  And we have many other zombie outfits for adults and children. Be a bride, a nurse, a punk or a skeleton zombie. In addition to tattered and bloody costumes, we have makeup kits and high-quality latex masks that will really transform your face into a ghastly visage. Order today and you will be walking around as a zombie in no time. 

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