Gru Costumes

When you are a supervillain who is now one of the good guys, your life is pretty exciting. As a villain, Felonius Gru was responsible for the theft of the Times Square Jumbotron and the miniature Statue of Liberty in Las Vegas. As a member of the anti-villain league, he helped capture the villainous El Macho. You can have a pretty exciting Halloween too, if you dress like the star of Despicable Me. Order our Gru Costumes for Halloween today and make October 31 more fun.

Gru Costume Ideas and Tips

Be the hapless villain from Despicable Me by stepping out in one of our Gru costumes this Halloween. Gru is a supervillain who can never seem to get his doomsday ideas to work, and his misadventures make for a heartwarming movie series that everyone will love your homage to! Our Gru costumes come in a variety of styles and prices that can let you select the Halloween costume that’s perfect for you, so browse through our many offerings to get a feel for our selection!

 If you’re looking to get a group costume together, you can also check out our many Minion costumes, so your Gru can have a whole gaggle of his little yellow friends to help him with whatever shenanigans he’s planning this Halloween. When you walk into a Halloween party as Gru with a full complement of Minions at your back, everyone will be impressed with how all-out you went with your group costume!

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