Gumby Costumes

Mold a fun time out of one of these Gumby costumes. This lovable character has been around since the 1950’s when it first appeared on television. Our costumes are modeled after the green clay character to look just like him. He is popular with folks of all ages and will certainly be a hit when wearing one of our items. It is made up of quality material that is certainly affordable.

Gumby Costume Ideas and Tips

Fans of Claymation know that the king of Claymation is Gumby. Made from a slab of green clay, he looks like the cross between a human and an eraser. His absolute best pal is Pokey, an orange pony. Order one of our Gumby Costumes and go back to an era when things were simpler, before computer animation and cartoon characters with attitude. 

Selections include costumes for adults and pets too. That’s right, you can get you pooch in on all the fun. Remember when Gumby traveled to the moon? Or when he went shopping for his mother; she gave him 50 cents to buy eggs and butter. Of course, things don’t go as planned and Gumby ends up in some trouble on the way there, but it’s always an adventure. Halloween is an adventure too. Order one of our Gumby costumes and you will have a grand adventure this year.

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