Hairspray & Color

You take Halloween very seriously so when it's time to get dressed in your chosen costume this holiday you go all out and take your look to the next level using Makeup and Hair Color Accessories. The right hair color and eyeshadow or lipstick is an important factor when putting together a chilling costume.

A lot of different disguises need to be completed with matching hair or a full painted mask and our hair colors and makeup is just the to do it. A funny clown isn't that funny without their bright faces covered in white paint and accented with fun colors to make kids laugh. To become a demon of the night you're going to need to look a little paler and some fake blood dripping from your fangs adds the perfect touch. All of the little soldiers collecting candy this season need to take the cover and camouflage themselves with Army fatigue face paint while little princesses need big lashes and a long, curly wig to be the enchanted lovelies that they should be. Ladies can sex up their outfits with a fiery red lip or give the evil witch look a makeover by donning a bright purple wig with that pointy hat.

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