Han Solo Costumes

Join the rebellion against the Empire this year and dress up in a Han Solo costume! With adults and kids Solo costumes at great prices, you’ll become the rebel hero in no time. Purchase your Han Solo costume for Halloween or Star Wars convention right here!

Han Solo Costume Ideas and Tips

There’s no one more dashing in the Star Wars universe than the bounty hunter Han Solo. You can step into the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon this Halloween when you put on the iconic black vest of the galaxy’s most devastatingly handsome criminal. Chewbacca won’t be able to tell the difference when you put on one of our stylish and serviceable Han Solo costumes, since they’ll be so accurate to the movie you’ll look just like him! 

Boba Fett won’t be able to pin you down when you’re looking this good, so don’t worry about getting frozen in carbonite when you’re out on the town this Halloween! Any Princess Leias in the room are going to be looking twice at you when they see how all-out you went with your costume. Star Wars also lends itself to group costumes, so why not get a few friends together to be Luke, Leia and Obi-Wan?

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