Han Solo Costumes

Join the rebellion against the Empire this year and dress up in a Han Solo costume! With adults and kids Solo costumes at great prices, you’ll become the rebel hero in no time. Purchase your Han Solo costume for Halloween or Star Wars convention right here!

Find The Best Han Solo Costumes For Sale For Men And Boys

Order your Han Solo costume at Costume SuperCenter for shipping so fast it can make the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs. Star Wars fans love the charismatic smuggler turned hero. Your friends can be Princess Leia, a Jedi, a Sith Lord, but you can transform into the formidable Han Solo. Even ask your best friend to be Chewbacca for Halloween too!

Dress Up As Han Solo For Halloween Or Star Wars Convention

Played by the legendary Harrison Ford, Han has been a beloved character of the Sci-Fi genre from the second he shot Greedo in the Cantina in Mos Eisley. ( I don't care about the edit, Han shot first.) Aboard the Millennium Falcon with his best friend Chewy, the daring space smuggler helps Luke and Obi Wan rescue Princess Leia, stop Darth Vader and blow up the Death Star. He stuck it out with the Rebel Alliance and helped his friends overthrow the Galactic Empire. Star Wars fans were heartbroken though when Kylo Ren (aka Ben Solo) killed his father. But those same fans have a new hope with the newly announced film Han Solo, A Star Wars Story.

Buy Your Han Solo Costume For Halloween Online Today!

Shop our collection of Han Solo outfits and accessories and choose your favorite look. Portraying Han Solo, in an adult or kid’s costume, will be the highlight of your Halloween. Shopping online with us will create a seamless and happy experience for all Star Wars fans. Buy your Han Solo costume today!

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