Hatchimals Costumes

The hottest toy at Christmastime is becoming one of the most popular costumes at Halloween! Our collection of Hatchimals Costumes will delight Hatchimals lovers everywhere. We have licensed items, all with affordable prices. Order from us today!

Hatchanimals Costume Ideas and Tips

Was your kid part of the Hatchimals craze at Christmas time? Did you think that they were just a passing fad? Well, they are not. Turns out Hatchimals are here to stay and there is no better way to celebrate them then to order one, or several, of our Hatchimals Costumes. 

What a selection we have. Some are still in the egg! Others are fully hatched. And we have all your favorites including Pengualas, Zebrush, Draggles, Tigrette and more. What fun these colorful costumes are. And they are even more fun when you order a costume that matches your child’s favorite Hatchimal. Imagine how adorable the photos will be with your child and his toy in matching outfits. Think how much fun they will have going trick or treating together. Most of the outfits feature hoods so your child doesn’t need to put on a mask or makeup. What and easy-to-wear Halloween costume! 

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