Fedora Hats

From Indiana Jones to gangsters, the coolest guys always wear a fedora hat. Whether it is a black fedora or a brown, weathered offering, there is always an option of fedora out there. Thankfully, this incredible hat is starting to make a comeback, with more and more individuals out there wearing the fedoras on a regular basis. Thanks to this, it is possible to wear the hat and to become transformed into someone completely different. So, whether you want to carry a whip and fight enemies while on a search for lost treasure or you just want to stand tough and hold your ground against mobsters, there is a fedora that is going to be perfect for your look.

Fedora Hats Costume Ideas and Tips

They say the hat makes the man, or woman, and the fedora is the famous style that is the go-to hat for sophistication and fun. The most famous is arguably Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, but he was not the first to rock the look. Ingrid Bergman wore one in Casablanca, Dick Tracy always sports one, and many film noir characters, especially Sam Spade, Phillip Marlow and Rick Blaine, all played by the film icon Humphrey Bogart. 

The Blues Brothers wear fedoras, so does Freddy Krueger. In the1920s, real-life gangsters made these hats immensely popular. Even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles like to wear Fedoras when they go undercover. It’s no surprise that fedoras are so popular. They are very stylish and makes anyone who wears one look great. And they are versatile. Buy one hat and use it for a variety of costumes. Pair it with a pinstripe suit and you are a gangster. Put on one white glove and be Michael Jackson. Put on a trench coat and you are a detective from a film noir. Or wear it with your everyday clothes so you can look sophisticated.

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