Police and Fire Hats

What would a fireman be without his shiny red hat? No costume is complete without the right accessories, especially an occupational costume. We offer a huge variety of occupational hats for all your job needs. There are caps for all cops in fabric and plastic with badges and buttons. We provide chefs to chauffeurs, genies and swordsman, and miners and engineers too. Military options include officers, generals, and regular enlisted.

Police and Fire Hats Ideas and Tips

What did you want to be when you grew up? Many kids’ first choice of careers is a police officer or a fire fighter. They are everyday heroes that kids get to know. Often, they come to schools to teach kids about safety and they are always around when you need help. Get your kids a fire fighter hat, a police officer cap, or both, for use with a Halloween costume or at dress up time. 

And for the kids who never grow up, we have hats in adult sizes too. Have your own little dress up with your special someone. Be the fire fighter and rescue your love or be a police officer who arrests the naughty prisoner. Styles include replica hats for British Bobbies, Canadian Mounties, police chiefs, special weapons and tactics teams and more. Order today so you can be an everyday hero for a little while.

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