Welcome back to the 1960s with your own Hippie costume! Take a step back in time and feel the peace and love. Preaching peace in a time of war was against the norm and the older generation didn't understand what the new generation was all about. Hippies rejected the teachings of their elders and turned to a new culture that was their very own. With that came a new way of dressing, speaking and thinking that changed the world. The ideals of the flower power generation were reflected in music and lifestyle more so than any generation since.

Hippie Costumes

The hippie costumes on our website have style and variety. Not all ensembles have fringe and suede. They incorporate bold floral prints, tie dye and psychedelic patterns to create retro pieces of costume art. Pants feature bell bottoms and tops have flowing styles. A wide variety of our hippie costumes reflect the authentic clothing silhouettes of the 60s but for a sexy hippie costume the we use the colors and themes but make them shorter and tighter with a modern, risqué flare.

As far as hairstyles, men rejected the short cuts of their fathers and women wanted the freedom to be natural - no more curlers and hairspray. Men and women opted for long hair that did what nature intended it to do. These free spirits had afros, straight hair, frizz and curls and it was all part of the flower power ideal. Our Hippie costumes come with suggestions for the perfect wig to match with it.

Accessories for Hippie Halloween costumes can be used to create a costume all by themselves. An afro wig with a peace sign necklace, tinted sunglasses, moccasins and a fringed vest can be worn with a plain t-shirt and jeans to create a very cool classic 60's outfit. Colorful Buttons, appliqués and makeup are also great options. Whatever you need for your Hippie ensemble, we've got it all on one easy to use website for your shopping convenience.

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