Cavemen/Cavewomen Costumes

Before the finding of fire, before the invention of the wheel, and before the technological advancement of the internet there were men and women who had to teach themselves to survive. The prehistoric times were much different than they were today and it's a true feat that the species was able to survive. You can go back to the paleolithic period and with some of our cavewoman and caveman costumes.

Cavemen/Cavewomen Costume Ideas and Tips

Get prehistoric this Halloween by dressing up as one of our early human ancestors! Behind every great caveman is a great cavewoman, or so they say—whichever one you are, you can find everything you need for your costume here among our cavemen and cavewomen costumes. Whether you’re going for Fred Flintstone or a more historically accurate outfit, you can find the full spectrum of cavepeople clothing. 

You can go comical, serious, or anything in between when you browse through our wide selection. Then check out our accessories for all the bones and crude tools you’ll need to feel like you’re spending Halloween in the stone age. You can get some friends together to form a whole band of cavepeople for even more fun! After all, you’ll need some people to bring down that mammoth with, right? Shop our cavepeople costumes today to take a trip back in time this Halloween!

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