Family Friendly

Okay, okay, we know that Halloween is right around the corner, but you've got a little ones to think about now and all of those antics and scary shenanigans you used to pull before you become a parent need to end. But don't fret because you can have a cool Halloween look for the season without it being frightful. This holiday can be just as fun using these Family Friendly Decorations.

Keep yours and other neighbor's family members in mind when setting up your decorations because you won't want any of the kids having nightmares or crying at the sight of some creepy zombie clown prop. Instead, keep the scary to a minimum by setting up milder ornaments, such as RIP tombstones, or surprisingly cute skull lanterns. Use more subtle props that don't scare the kids and misses too bad with full latex skeletons that hangs over your door or any kind of scary animal to jump out at guests, like hair-raising black cats, black widow spiders, or bat props. There are also lots of other supplies necessary for a fun get-down like bags of cotton spider webbing, electric candlesticks, and even candy bowls designed after your favorite superheroes.

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