Scary Horror & Gothic Halloween Costumes

What would Halloween be without scary costumes? The whole purpose of the day is to scare people with horror themed costumes. Long before there were princess costumes and superhero outfits, there were ghosts and ghouls. As you may know, All Hallows Eve is the day before All Saints Day. It was believed that on this day, all souls, good and evil can move from their realm into ours. The tradition of wearing spooky disguises was for two reasons. The first was that if you were dressed as a horror character the real ghosts and demons wouldn't be able to tell you from them and that would make you safe from being attacked or killed. The other reason was that if you could look scarier than the evil spirits and ghosts you would be able to frighten them away. Buy your scary costume today!

Horror Movie Statistics [Infographic]

Do you love horror movies? How much do you know about them? Costume SuperCenter's Horror Movie Statistics infographic can show you some of the most interesting stats in horror movie history, about movies from all different times. Whether you want to know more about Hannibal Lector in The Silence of the Lambs or about ghosts and ghouls, there's probably a fact you didn't know!

Vampire Costumes

Bleh, bleh! Whether you vant to suck our blood or not, there's nothing as classic as a vampire costume for Halloween! Get yours, become a bat, and avoid the sunlight!

Zombie Costumes

Braaaaaiiiinnnnssssss! Lose your life this Halloween as an undead person. Check out one of these awesome zombie costumes to make your next party a thriller!

Scary Clowns Costumes

Clowns. Are. Terrifying. We all know it. Scare your friends, neighbors and basically anyone you cross paths with. Get a scary clown costume for your next costume party from Costume SuperCenter!

Werewolf Costumes

Howl at the moon and transform into something terrifying this Halloween with a werewolf costume from Costume SuperCenter! The moon is full and so are your chances of rocking an awesome look!

Seven Famous Witches [Infographic]

Across the centuries, witches have been known to torment and torture people all over the world. Whether you've heard the trials in Salem, or in Germany, or in ancient Greece, there's a story for you. But don't just read about these famous witches in our Seven Famous Witches infographic - dress the part! Take your pick from the classic Wizard of Oz look to the witches of Hogwarts!

Freddy Krueger Costumes

Turn dreams into nightmares with a brand new Freddy Krueger costume for Halloween! There's no dream that's safe and no clawed glove left unused! Make sure to use a catchphrase!

Michael Myers Costumes

You don't have to be a silent killer to silently kill it this Halloween! Zip up your jumpsuit and sharpen your knife with a Michael Myers costume this year.

Scream Costumes

You don't have to be a murderous late night caller to be absolutely terrifying on Halloween this year. Get yourself a Scream costume and you can run around like a crazy person. Just like Ghostface!

Jason Vorhees Costumes

Skip the drowning as a child, and jump right to the murderous zombie-camp hunter phase! This year, you can don the mask and the machete with a Jason Vorhees costume for Halloween!

Werewolf Legends Infographic

We've all seen movies or read stories about men changing into wolves at the full moon, but how many of these tales do you really know? Check out this Werewolf Legends Infographic to learn all the legends of werewolves and skin-changers from all over the world. From Russia to Brazil to Scotland, there are werewolves afoot!

Frankenstein Costumes

It. Is. Aliiiiivvveee! Come to life this Halloween with a fresh-from-the-grave Frankenstein costume! But don't limit yourself, though. The Bride of Frankenstein outfits will electrify your couples look!

Chucky Costumes

There's a killer doll on the loose this year, and if you'd like, it can be you! Get your psycho killer on with a Chucky costumes this Halloween, and scare the life out of everyone around you!

Buy Scary Costumes For Halloween

As time passes, scary costumes get better and better. Ghosts, demons, zombies, monsters, vampires and motion picture serial killers are just a handful of the most popular characters on our website. Some are traditional outfits that are based on the demons like we know them from the movies such as the mummy, Frankenstein Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. Others combine horror with other genres like rock and roll. Some examples of these are the heavy metal zombie, the Skull Biker and the Cryptic Rocker Costume.

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